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Founded in 1870 as the Colorado Agricultural College, Colorado State University is now among the nation’s leading research universities.

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Application Timeline

Fall Semester (begins mid-August)

Freshmen typically enter CSU during the fall semester. The fall application opens in August and closes in May.

  • Early Action date – December 1
    If you complete your application using our Early Action option, you will receive full admission and scholarship consideration with notification by early January.
  • Regular Decision date – February 1
    Submitting a completed application by this date will ensure you receive full admission and scholarship consideration with notification by mid-March.
  • Final Deadline
    After February 1, completed applications are considered for admission on a rolling basis through May. If you’re applying after May 1, be sure to contact your admissions counselor.
  • Priority Consideration date – March 1
    Applications completed by this date receive full admission and scholarship consideration by mid-April.
  • Final Deadline – June 1
    Applications completed by June 1 receive full admission and scholarship consideration by early July. If you’re applying after June 1, be sure to contact your admissions counselor; after this date, completed applications are considered on a space-available basis through June.
Spring Semester (begins mid-January)

Submit your completed Freshman or Transfer application by

November 1. Summer Session (mid-May through mid-August)

Summer term is an option granted by permission; contact your admissions counselor to discuss whether this option is right for you.

Returning Students

If you previously attended CSU as an admitted, degree-seeking student, submit the Undergraduate Returning student application by August 1 for the fall semester or January 1 for the spring semester.

English Proficiency
  • Applicants must demonstrate a high level of English proficiency. The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and IELTS (International English Language Testing Service) exams are preferred, although alternate measures of English proficiency may be considered.
  • Applicants from Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and the United Kingdom whose first language is English are exempt from this requirement.
Admission Requirements

Undergraduate Program Requirements

For the most up-to-date information, visit Admissions website for SAT and GPA requirements for competitive majors. Please note that this site is used for determining placement of U.S. students in the listed majors. SAT scores are not required for international students to complete their application. However, the math score especially can be helpful in determining a student’s eligibility for a competitive major, with the exception of Art and Technical Journalism. Admission to competitive majors without SAT scores is determined on a case-by-case basis, considering students’ overall academic performance, performance in relevant subjects, personal statement, and letters of recommendation. The following majors require either audition or portfolio in order to progress to the second year in the major: Apparel Design and Production, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design, Music. Visit the CASA website for details about entrance to these majors. Additionally, all students applying to Construction Management will be admitted to Pre-Construction Management, please see the same site for details on requirements to gain admission once at CSU. SAT scores listed do not include the Writing score. The total score consists only of Critical Reading and Math.


MajorTOEFLIELTSCond. admit for EnglishSATOther
Accounting (c)796.545 ibt 5.0 IELTS – student begin at Intensive English Programsee note above
ACS Certified (c)796.5Same
Actuarial Science (c)796.5Same
Agricultural and Resource Economics (m)796.5Same
Agricultural Business (M)796.5Same
Agricultural Economics (M,c)796.5Same
Agricultural Education (M)796.5Same
Agronomic Production Management (c)796.5Same
American Studies (c)796.5Same
Animal Science (M)796.5Same
Anthropology (M,m)796.5Same
Apparel and Merchandising (M)796.5Same
Apparel Design and Production (c)796.5SamePortfolio after 1st year
Applied Computing Technology (M)796.5Same
Applied Information Technology (c)796.5Same
Applied Mathematics (c)796.5Same
Applied Physics (c)796.5Same
Art (M)796.5Same
Art Education (c)796.5Same
Art History (M,c)796.5Same
Arts and Humanities (c)796.5Same
Arts and Humanities and Engineering Sciences (c)796.5Same
Asian Studies (i)796.5Same
Biochemistry (M,m)796.5Same
Biological Science (M,c)796.5Same
Biology Education (c)796.5Same
Biomedical Engineering (i)796.5Same
Biomedical Sciences (M,m)796.5Same
Biotechnology (i)796.5Same
Botany (M,c)796.5Same
Business Administration (M,m)796.5Same
Chemical and Biological Engineering (M)796.5Same
Chemistry (M,m)796.5Same
Chemistry Education (c)796.5Same
Civil Engineering (M,c)796.5Same
Communication Studies (c)796.5Same
Computational Mathematics (c)796.5Same
Computer Engineering (M)796.5Same
Computer Science (M,m)796.5Same
Computer-Mediated Communication (c)796.5Same
Computing Education (c)796.5Same
Computing Technology (c)796.5Same
Conservation Biology (c)796.5Same
Construction Management (M,m)796.5Same
Creative Writing (c)796.5Same
Criminology and Criminal Justice (M,c)796.5Same
Dance, Performing Arts (c)796.5Same
Diversity in Law (i)796.5Same
Drawing (c)796.5Same
Economics (M,m)796.5Same
Electrical Engineering (M,c)796.5Same
Engineering Open Option(freshmen only)796.5Same
Engineering Physics (c)796.5Same
Engineering Science (M)796.5Same
Engineering, Teacher Education (c)796.5Same
English (M,m)796.5Same
English Education (c)796.5Same
Entomology (m)796.5Same
Environmental Affairs (i)796.5Same
Environmental Communication (c)796.5Same
Environmental Engineering (M,m)796.5Same
Environmental Geology (c)796.5Same
Environmental Health (M)796.5Same
Environmental Soil Science (c)796.5Same
Equine Science (M)796.5Same
Ethnic Studies (M)796.5Same
Family and Consumer Sciences (M,c)796.5Same
Family and Consumer Sciences Education (c)796.5Same
Farm and Ranch Management (c)796.5Same
Fashion Design(Apparel Design)796.5Same
Fibers (c)796.5Same
Finance (c)796.5Same
Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology (M)796.5Same
Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (c)796.5Same
Floriculture (c)796.5Same
Food Science and Safety (i)796.5Same
Forest Biology (c)796.5Same
Forest Fire Science (c)796.5Same
Forest Management (c)796.5Same
Forestry (M,m)796.5Same
Forestry-Business (c)796.5Same
French (M,c)796.5Same
Geology (M,m,c)796.5Same
Geology Education (c)796.5Same
German (M,c)796.5Same
Gerontology (i)796.5Same
Global Tourism (c)796.5Same
Graphic Design (c)796.5Same
Health and Exercise Science (M)796.5Same
Health Promotion (c)796.5Same
History (M,m)796.5Same
Horticultural Business Management (c)796.5Same
Horticultural Food Crops (c)796.5Same
Horticultural Science (c)796.5Same
Horticulture (M,m)796.5Same
Horticulture Therapy (c)796.5Same
Human Development and Family Studies (M)796.5Same
Information Science and Technology (i)796.5Same
Information Systems (c)796.5Same
Integrated Resource Management (i)796.5Same
Interior Design (M)796.5SamePortfolio after 1st year
International Development (i)796.5Same
International Engineering & Intl Studies (c)796.5Same
International Soil and Crop Sciences (c)796.5Same
International Studies (c)796.5Same
Japanese (M)796.5Same
Journalism, Technical (M)796.5Same
Landscape Architecture (M)796.5SamePortfolio after 1st year
Landscape Design and Contracting (c)796.5Same
Landscape Horticulture (M,m)796.5Same
Language (c)796.5Same
Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (M)796.5Same
Lasers and Optical Engineering (c)796.5Same
Latin American and Caribbean Studies (i)796.5Same
Liberal Arts (M,c)796.5Same
Literature (c)796.5Same
Marketing (c)796.5Same
Mathematics (M,m,c)796.5Same
Mathematics Education (c)796.5Same
Mathematics of Information (c)796.5Same
Mechanical Engineering (M)796.5Same
Media Studies (M,c)796.5Same
Merchandising (M,c)796.5Same
Metalsmithing (c)796.5Same
Microbiology (M,m)796.5Same
Molecular Biology (i)796.5Same
Music (M,m)796.5SameAudition
Music Composition (c)796.5Same
Music Education (c)796.5Same
Music Therapy (c)796.5Same
Natural Resource Economics (c)796.5Same
Natural Resource Recreation and Tourism (M)796.5Same
Natural Resource Tourism (c)796.5Same
Natural Resources Management (M)796.5Same
Natural Sciences (M)796.5Same
News-Editorial (c)796.5Same
Non-ACS Certified (c)796.5Same
Nursery and Landscape Management (c)796.5Same
Nutrition (M)796.5Same
Nutrition and Food Science (M)796.5Same
Organic Agriculture (i)796.5Same
Organization and Innovation Management (c)796.5Same
Painting (c)796.5Same
Parks and Protected Area Mngmnt (c)796.5Same
Peace and Reconciliation Studies (i)796.5Same
Performance, Music (c)796.5Same
Performing Arts (M)796.5Same
Philosophy M,m,c)796.5Same
Philosophy and Religion (c)796.5Same
Philosophy, Science and Technology (c)796.5Same
Photo Image Making (c)796.5Same
Physical Science (c)796.5Same
Physics (M,m,c)796.5Same
Physics Education (c)796.5Same
Plant Biotechnology, Genetcs and Breeding (c)796.5Same
Plant Health (M)796.5Same
Political Science (M,m)796.5Same
Pottery (c)796.5Same
Printmaking (c)796.5Same
Psychology (M)796.5Same
Public Relations (c)796.5Same
Range and Forest Management (c)796.5Same
Range Ecology (M)796.5Same
Rangeland Ecology (M)796.5Same
Rangeland Management (c)796.5Same
Rangeland Science (c)796.5Same
Real Estate (c)796.5Same
Religious Studies (m,i)796.5Same
Restaurant and Resort Management (M)796.5Same
Restoration Ecology (c)796.5Same
Rhetorical Studies (c)796.5Same
Russian (M)796.5Same
Sculpture (c)796.5Same
Social Sciences (c)796.5Same
Social Sciences and Engineering Science (c)796.5Same
Social Studies Teaching (c)796.5Same
Social Work (M)796.5Same
Sociology (M,m,c)796.5Same
Soil and Crop Sciences (M)796.5Same
Soil and Water Resource Engineering (c)796.5Same
Soil Resources and Conservation (M,c)796.5Same
Space Engineering (c)796.5Same
Spanish (M,c)796.5Same
Spatial Information Management (M)796.5Same
Specialized and Technical Communication (c)796.5Same
Speech Communication (M)796.5Same
Speech Communication, Teacher Licensure (c)796.5Same
Sports Medicine (c)796.5Same
Statistics (c)796.5Same
Studio (M,c)796.5Same
Teacher Licensure 796.5Same
Theatre, Acting/Directing (M)796.5Same
Theatre, Design/Technical (M)796.5Same
Theatre, Performing Arts (c)796.5Same
Turf Management (c)796.5Same
TV News and Video Communication (c)796.5Same
Viticulture and Enology (c)796.5Same
Water Resources (i)796.5Same
Watershed Science (M,m)796.5Same
Wildlife Biology (c)796.5Same
Women’s Studies (i)796.5Same
Writing (c)796.5Same
Zoology (M,m)796.5Same

Graduate Program Requirements

Graduate programs of study


Agricultural and Resource Economics,MS and PhD80 6.5Not Required
Animal Sciences, MS and PhD80 6.5Required
Anthropology, MA80 6.5Required
Art, MFA80 6.5Not Required
Atmospheric Sciences, MS and PhD80 6.5Required
Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management, MS and PhD80 6.5Required
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, MS and PhD80 6.5Required
Biology, MS and PhD80 6.5Required
Biomedical Sciences, MS and PhD80 6.5Required
Business, MACC, MBA, MMP, MS86 6.5550
Chemical and Biological Engineering, MS and PhD80 6.5Required
Chemistry, MS and PhD80 6.5Required
Clinical Sciences, MS and PhD80 6.5Not Required
Communication Studies, MA80 6.5Required
Computer Science, MS, MCS and PhD92 6.5Required
Construction Management, MS80 6.5Required
Design and Merchandising, MS80 6.5Is Req if <3.5 GPA and <5 years of professional exp
Ecology, MS and PhD80 6.5Required
Economics, MA and PhD80 6.5Required
Electrical and Computer Engineering, MS and PhD80 6.5Required
Engineering, ME80 6.5Required
English, MA, MFA80 6.5General test required for Literature only
Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences, MS and PhD80 6.5Required
Ethnic Studies, MA80 6.5Not Required
Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology, MS, MFWCB, and PhD80 6.5Required
Food Science and Human Nutrition, MS and PhD80 6.5Required
Foreign Languages and Literatures, MA80 6.5Not Required
Forest, Rangeland, and Watershed Stewardship, MS and PhD80 6.5Required
Geosciences, MS and PhD80 6.5Required
Health and Exercise Science, MS and PhD80 6.5Required
History, MA80 6.5Required
Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, MS, MLA, and PhD80 6.5Required for the MS and PhD. Not required for the MLA
Human Development and Family Studies, MS and PhD80 6.5Required
Human Dimensions of Natural Resources, MS and PhD80 6.5Required
Journalism and Technical Communication, MS and PhD80 6.5Required
Mathematics, MS and PhD80 6.5Required
Mechanical Engineering, MS and PhD80 6.5Required
Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology, MS and PhD80 6.5Required
Molecular, Cellular, and Integrative Neurosciences Program80 6.5Verbal, quantitative, and written tests are required. Subject test is recommended but not required
Music, MM80 6.5Not RequiredAudition
Occupational Therapy, MS80 6.5Analytical writing section required
Philosophy, MA80 6.5Required
Physics, MS and PhD100 6.5General and subject tests are required
Political Science, MA and PhD80 6.5Required
Psychology, MS, MAIOP, and PhD80 6.5Required
Public Health, MPH80 6.5Required
School or Biomedical Engineering, MS, ME, and PhD80 6.5Required
School of Education, MEd, MS, and PhD80 6.5Not Required
School of Social Work, MSW80 6.5Not Required
Sociology, MA and PhD80 6.5Required
Soil and Crop Science, MS and PhD80 6.5Required
Statistics, MS and PhD80 6.5Required if requesting financial support

Strong candidates for freshman admission

  • Equivalent 3.25 GPA on the U.S. 4.0 scale with demonstrated academic rigor and positive trends in grades. Please refer to Country Educational Equivalency Guide for specific information on international admission standards.
  • Completed courses in language/communications, mathematics, social science, natural science, and liberal and fine arts.
  • Freshman applicants from vocational/technical secondary schools not meeting course work requirements may not be strong candidates for admission.

Strong candidates for transfer admission

  • Equivalent 2.75 GPA on the U.S. 4.0 scale through completion of the equivalent of one year or 30 credits of academic course work in a range of subjects including communications, mathematics, social science, natural science, and liberal and fine arts.
  • Course work for academic rigor and trends in academic performance.
  • Applicants who have attended a post-secondary institution in the United States also must satisfy the admission requirement in mathematics.
  • Transfer applicants from vocational/technical colleges not meeting course work requirements may not be strong candidates for admission.

Applicants may be considered with a cumulative GPA below the published levels if they demonstrate consistent success in a rigorous curriculum and have special talents and/or a history of overcoming obstacles.


Our world-class research in infectious disease, atmospheric science, clean energy technologies, environmental science, and biomedical technology attracted more than $300 million in research funding annually. Our professional programs in veterinary medicine, occupational therapy, journalism, agriculture and construction management are ranked among the nation’s best.

Colorado State is the “university of choice” for Colorado residents; 30% of all of Colorado’s science, math, engineering and technology majors pursue degrees at CSU.

To date, more than 230,000 undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees have been conferred at Colorado State, including more than 6,000 in 2011-2012. Our 184,586 living alumni are active in 27 geographic alumni groups representing 17 states (4 in Colorado and 23 out of state) and 16 common interest groups.


In addition to tackling critical local and global issues, CSU faculty provide an enriching and rewarding student learning experience. The approach — based on the land-grant philosophy — combines intellectual classroom pursuits with hands-on experience in the field and laboratory.

Colorado State’s Student Leadership, Involvement and Community Engagement office hosts some of the strongest community-service programs in the country, with more than 6,000 students participating in university public outreach. CSU faculty played a significant role in the founding of the Peace Corps, and CSU remains one of the primary sources of Peace Corps volunteers today.

Colorado State’s rankings include its recognition as a top tier university in U.S. News and World Report’s rankings of “America’s Best Colleges and Universities,” as well as Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine’s ranking as one of the top public universities in the United States for educational quality and affordability.


Created to Serve: Colorado State University’s Impact on the State’s Economy (PDF), was published in January 2009. The report describes the substantial economic contributions Colorado State University makes to the state economy. CSU is one of the state’s most important economic growth engines and a cornerstone of Colorado’s economic future. [ download the full report ]

Located at the base of the Rocky Mountain foothills, Fort Collins

Located at the base of the Rocky Mountain foothills, Fort Collins was ranked sixth “Best Place to Live” in America in 2010 by Money Magazine.


Colorado State University, located in Fort Collins, Colorado, is situated on nearly 5,000 acres of land, including the main campus, a foothills campus, an agricultural campus, and a mountain campus (Pingree Park). Colorado State also has 4,600 acres for research centers, Cooperative Extension offices, and Colorado State Forest Service stations.

Fort Collins is an award-winning city located on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains with the foothills and 14,000-foot peaks visible to residents. Easy access to hiking, skiing, rafting and other outdoor sports is a great advantage to CSU students, faculty and staff.

Located north of the Denver metro area, CSU is about an hours drive to Denver International Airport.

Location:In northern Colorado at the western edge of the Great Plains and at the base of the Rocky Mountains
Population:Fort Collins is a midsize city of approximately 150,000.
Award-winning:Fort Collins was ranked the fourth-healthiest midsize city in America in a 2013 Gallup survey.
Enrollment:About 22,425 undergraduate students, 3,800 graduate students and 550 Professional Veterinary Medicine students
Faculty:About 1,600 faculty members

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