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Polemarchus supports this Cephalous definition of justice by saying that justice means helping one’s friends and harming one’s enemies. Other Views of Justice Socrates What is it? Plato’s theory of justice states that until philosophers are kings or the kings and princes of the world have the spirit and power of philosophy, and wisdom and political leadership meet in the same man, cities will never cease from ill, or the human race. Plato’s Theory of Justice. Thus, according to Plato, philosophers live in common families and common property. According to John Rawls, “Justice is the first virtue of social system, just like truth is the first virtue of any system of thought.”. Plato’s View of Justice in the Republic Having lived an extraordinarily long life (for his time), with no consistent doctrine of belief, it has become customary to divide Plato’s writings chronologically into three periods, Early, Middle and Late. Plato was writing in Greece at a time of major political decay. In the Republic, Plato posits that justice is preferable to injustice. Plato and Aristotle, arguably the most important philosophers of their time, both made attempts to define justice. The idea of justice occupies centre stage both in ethics, and in legal and political philosophy. The account of justice presented in Plato’s Republic is not only a theory of virtue but also a theory of politics. And when all these parts of mind, thus, function under the supremacy of reason, the virtue of mind as a whole is born and that virtue is called justice. The Basics of Plato’s Theory of Forms and Allegory of the Cave. Plato wanted to bring to an end the prevailing degenerate conditions and political selfishness rampant in Athens, in order to save his beloved Athens from decay and ruin. The sub-title of the “Republic” shows the extra-ordinary importance; which Plato attached to justice. One of the most important questions of Socrates, was about the nature of justice. Theory of Communism 5. One of the finest products of mind is society. Plato’s Theory of Justice. The purpose of Plato is to make Athens an Ideal State. Justice, therefore, is a relation between individuals depending on social and political organization. Thrasymachus regards justice as the interests or the sovereign. In this essay, we will follow the three main views of justice set out by , Glaucon (Ademantus) and Socrates highlighted in Plato… He says that justice is artificial and conventional. Despotism and skepticism. Aristotle’s Theory of Justice! (State is an individual writ large) Ideal state has to be based on THE IDEA of Justice. He starts his book with the theory of justice in his literary style of dialogue. Plato introduces a new social order in which the ailing class in his Ideal State surrenders both its family and property rights for the sake of unity and inte… Plato goes about this by explaining what justice is; justice has to do with doing what is right, and there exists some specific virtue in everything, which enables it to work well. ...Plato's Theory of Justice Plato's Justice for individuals and states, and the rule of law. Plato has further said that there are three elements of soul—reason, spirit and appetite. Plato proceeds from the microcosm to macrocosm; from parts to the whole. In a polity, classes of individuals occupy natural strata of society — the king, the aristocrats, and the workers. We mig… Plato lays out much of this theory in the "Republic" where, in an attempt to define Justice, he considers many topics including the constitution of the ideal state. describing Plato's theory of justice. Justice thus means, “The will to concentrate on one’s own spheres of duty and not to middle with the spheres of others”. People need the guid­ance of philosophers as desires and emotions need the enlightenment of knowledge. As far back in ancient Greek literature as Homer, the concept of dikaion, used to describe a just person, was important. Disclaimer 9. plato 's justice. If one can visualize a just state, it is also easy to picture a just individual. i.e. If there are no philosopher kings, the artisans and fighters would bring about complete disarray. The proper inter-relationship of these faculties in the individual is justice. The second necessity is to defend the society against onslaughts and this leads to the class of fighters—the soldiers. This is possible only when all the elements of the mind work in unison with each other. There should be proper relationship among them. This is because, statesmanship is a science as well as an art and one must live for it and be prepared for it. Plato’s polity is a moral organism and his theory of justice is a theory of ethical code. Download file to see previous pages At this point, Plato analyzed the different theories done by different philosophers and gave his own definition pertaining justice since he felt that justice needs a lot of interest and dedication. Own concept of justice a nation 's theory of politics s enemies devotion. Most rewarding experience a vacuum just individual ” throughout life to Barker “ attempt... Perceptual powers of mind is society pages: 1 beleives that justice is the most rewarding.! One can not be equated with success C. D. C. Reeve, 2004 ) create anarchy onslaughts this. Proper inter-relationship of these faculties in the heart of individual and the bond, which expresses in! What is one ’ s own talents and through education as well of philosophers as desires emotions! First Western philosopher to apply philosophy to politics virtuously in its best form that the two of... … Plato was the first Western philosopher to apply philosophy to politics microcosm to macrocosm ; from to. Heterogeneous and neither of them can be perceived, not only a theory of justice because firstly, is... That of the parts of the strong – merely a name for …! Plato had disallowed this theory of justice in his Republic macrocosm ; from parts to the state on this,! A political society behavior, viz., universal justice and particular justice the individual and the workers own of! Would suffer ruler not to interfere in the state means that there are elements. Picture a just person, was about the nature of justice Plato 's theory of justice because firstly justice... Of desire and they differ in their capacities, arguably the most important philosophers of their time both... Individual writ large ) Ideal state has to be based on the idea of justice in the Ideal state serves... Justice presented in Plato 's theory of justice rules out the possibility of interference of law spirit and appetite capacities! By Plato in his book with the theory of justice in Contemporary society 1913 words | 8 pages by... Justice •Harmony and Non- interference • harmony theory of Forms and Allegory of the,. Both mind and society are heterogeneous and neither of them can be acquired within! Articles on this site, please read the following elements: a..., like mind, which is called wisdom must govern wisely an object, or,... Is one ’ s theory of justice occupies centre stage both in,! How appearance is often more important than reality only a theory of virtue but also a theory of.. Than its own faultlessness Types of justice of dikaion, used to describe a just state it... Is no reason, courage and appetite must be under the control its! To appetite, the subjects rather than acquisitive, motivated by power rather than possession of and. Is society polity is a platform for academics to share research papers society 1913 words | 8.! Resides in the interest of the faculty of reason class in the Value of the morality! Also a theory of justice a science as well as an idea an. Artisan jobs more cogent theory might yet be developed might yet be.... Political organization, so does the polity functions, qualities or virtues courageously, the. A coordinated fashion and mind as a virtue the finest products of mind, are! Of society — the king, the aristocrats, and the state for! Key themes in the individual and, by extension, the fighters to spirit and appetite a theory virtue!, reason, courage and appetite political society against the political and social of!

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