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Well unfortunately this guitar has developed a problem with the three way switch. About the only thing that detracts from the looks of this guitar is the thick, shiny poly coating they put on it but in time it will loose some of that mirror shine and should look very nice like my 335. 2003-2005 Body: Mahogany body Neck: Set Mahogany neck Rosewood fingerboard with Trapezoid inlays Gibson-style Open-Book headstock 2-screw truss rod cover 24.75" Scale 1.68" nut width Electronics: I am a fan of Seymour Duncans so I will probably eventually replace the Probuckers with a SD set but there is nothing wrong with the stock Probuckers IMO, just personal preference. They help us to show you relevant offers, remember your settings to ease navigation on our website and alert us when the website is slow or unstable. The SG Modern sports 24 medium-jumbo frets rather than the vintage-spec 22. I've heard some folks complaining about the veneer (ribboned Sapele?) I am keeping this guitar and probably will it to my niece. I play mostly punk, hardcore and metal, and the SG is the guitar to do it all. They did this even though it was a far less expensive guitar than the one I had previously ordered. They have all been very high quality guitars and this one is no different. From there, the SlimTaper mahogany neck extends the sonic depth of the guitar, and it’s capped with an Indian laurel fretboard that spices up the mix with brilliant highs and vibrant overtones. The Original Collection features an LP Custom-inspired SG Custom, SG Special P-90, SG Standard, and ‘61 SG Standard with ‘60s-style Maestro Vibrola tailpiece, all with vintage wiring, CTS pots, new vintage tuning keys, and era-correct neck profiles. The Epiphone SG Standard ’61 from the new Inspired by Gibson Collection recreates the rare 1961 Gibson SG, from its first year of production. Features include a mahogany body in a Vintage Cherry finish, mahogany neck and Indian laurel fingerboard. Gibson introduced the Gibson SG '61 Reissue electric guitar to pay homage to their legendary 1961 SG Standard. There was some slight bleeding of the finish onto the neck binding but I had to look hard to see it. Did you? Right now, I’m leaning towards the Standard ‘61. 1) Gibson SG Standard ‘61 2) Gibson SG ‘61 Reissue 3) Gibson SG Standard What are your experiences with these, and which one would you recommend? Featuring a classic Mahogany body in a Vintage Cherry finish and powered by ProBucker™ humbuckers with CTS electronics. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Epiphone Limited Edition SG Custom Electric Guitar with Maestro, TV Pelham Blue at Amazon.com. Epiphone 50th Anniversary 1961 SG Special 4 In the early 60s Gibson felt that their Les Paul design was getting a bit long in the tooth. Featuring a classic Mahogany body in a Vintage Cherry finish and powered by ProBucker™ humbuckers with CTS electronics. As for the sound the probuckers sounds like something Eric Clapton or Hendrix on an sg puts up with. Epiphone knocked it out of the park with the inspired by Gibson line of this year, I highly recommend buying this guitar at this amazing value before it sells out. I'm sure that this was just a fluke as the quality of my other Epiphone guitars is very good. The guitar came set up with the action a little high on the low E side just like my Les Paul but the high E side was just about right for my playing style. they are using on these guitars but I think it looks very nice. 2 of 3 people (67%) people found this review helpful. zZounds.com. I fiddled around with the switch and got it working again. Very nice playing & sounding SG. I currently own a 335 Pro, a Les Paul Standard Plus Top Pro and this SG. The Epiphone SG Standard ’61 from the new Inspired by Gibson Collection recreates the rare 1961 Gibson SG, from its first year of production. Epiphone began manufacturing the G-310 SG over 15 years ago, due to such high demand for a cheaper alternative to the famous Gibson SG.The G-310 is modeled after the 1967 version of the Gibson SG, which includes double humbucker pickups, rather than some of the other pickup variations Gibson was using in the early sixties, such a single or double P-90s or triple PAF pickups with gold covers.Read on to learn more about the specs an… The Epiphone SG Standard '61 is built for any stage, powered by dual ProBucker humbucking pickups with CTS electronics, a new addition to this Epiphone series. The Maestro vibrato really sets this guitar apart from most of the Epi G400's I've seen and played in the past. This guitar is absolutely beautiful. 3) Epiphone SG-Special Electric Guitar (w/KillPot, Cherry Red If you want to buy an electric guitar with good quality structure, high-class functional features, simple and easy operation, here is a superb model for you. The ProBucker pickups add a biting sound with a rich and warm tone. Now I'm comparing a new Epiphone Elitist '61 SG Reissue with two new Gibson SG Standards, side by side by side. Did you. Epiphone's SG Special is the most affordable SG ever. I was switching to the neck pickup for a solo during band rehearsal and..... nothing. 2 of 3 people (67%) people found this review helpful. Capture the vibe of a genuine '61 SG at a price that fits your budget. It sets it apart from its Gibson sibling (not a bad thing IMHO.) Epiphone DR 100 Acoustic Guitar, Ebony. The SG Standard ’61 recreates the Gibson SG from its first year of production. I took it home and didn't play it again for a couple of days. I don't mind doing maintenance on my guitars but this one was brand new so I sent it back. 3 of 3 people (100%) people found this review helpful. This year Epiphone seems to be pulling out all the stops with upgrades like US made CTS pots, Graph Tech nuts and a re/retro-designed head stock. Elitist '61 SG Reissue (Japan) Epiphone Elite SG '61 Reissue. If you call our customer service department for assistance, this number makes it easier The craftsmanship and sound on this guitar definitely makes me feel like I'm playing a higher end guitar. The SG Standard '61 features a classic mahogany body in a Vintage Cherry finish and is powered by ProBucker humbuckers with CTS electronics. No loose input jack the neck is perfect and not cracked and there are no blemishes on the finish. It worked fine for the rest of the rehearsal. I plan on keeping this guitar for a long time. Epiphone SG Standard '61 Maestro Vibrola Electric Guitar. Did you? 7 user reviews on Epiphone Elitist '61 SG. They also double boxed it and added some cardboard between the boxes for extra padding. Blues-Rock, Hard Rock, Some Metal and Old Country. The hardware, including the tuners, are of good quality. The Epiphone SG Standard '61’s all-mahogany body has a rich and warm resonance with incredible depth, which belies the comfortable weight of the SG. For those about to rock, we salute you. Epiphone Limited Edition 50th Anniversary 1961 SG Special P-90 has 0 ratings (Score 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings ).. Disclaimer. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … The SG is every bit as resonant as the Special, but the lighter weight and different bridge configuration make it livelier, brighter and quicker to respond. Took it out, played on the bridge pickup a while, switched to the neck pickup and, again, nothing. A stylish Maestro Vibrola completes the … The Alnico Classic Pro humbuckers have real grunt and can easily overdrive an amp, but the brightness and clarity demonstrate that they’re not overwound and plenty of bite and note articulation is retained. I asked the zZounds customer service rep to make sure the guitar I received was packed carefully.

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