fox bite on cat

I think my cat who has lived in peace in our area for 5 years has been attacked by a fox, looks like he has been scruffed and ragged, very nasty looking injuries which are being treated. We suspect my neighbours cat was also attacked last year and had a facial injury, luckily he is now ok, but very wary of foxes. Or maybe the rspca should start catching foxes and move them into the country? Thanks to all of you for sharing your experiences no matter how painful. My 11 year old Alan was chased by foxes about a year ago but managed to escape – he has been quite scared ever since and didn’t go out at night for quite a while after that. Most cats can evade them, but if they’re unlucky, this can be the result. Very sad and horrific! IIm worried this will continue. A complacant attitude to a growing problem. I live in Leeds and my beautiful cat Sox who was 17years old was attacked and killed by a fox a week ago. I have been present when foxes have attempted to attack my cats and was able to intervene but I fear this time during daylight hours we were not about to help. My two barn cats sleep on a chair near there. Required fields are marked *. Enter your postcode to reveal your local vet ratings and reviews, another attack on a baby by an urban fox in London, Populist, radical measures such as destroying foxes in an area,,, Äter rävar katter? Is there anything we can do to rid the threat of this ruthless predator? Bite wounds of the face can cause severe damage to the eyes, ears or mouth. I was hopeful that he might limp home but as each day passes this is less likely. It may be the case that your cat needs to take antibiotic pills and you can apply topical (at the site) antibiotic ointment. My two female cats (Cali and Lami about age 7) scattered and then I saw another furry shape run after the fox. Searched around the hedges with a torch for some time but did not get any responses. Not 4 foot away at the top of the patio steps was a sizable fox who shot off when he saw me. The thought of what could happen to her is too much to bear. Our garden is open to the heath in Reigate, Surrey. so im sure now that the foxes that have mated here now have babys so are on the look out for food even more so !!! Could it have been a badger? Being a medical professional, having specialized also in tropical medicine and parasitology the cases with Echinococcus infections have increased rapidly over the years!Especially families with kids spend a lot of time in their gardens, having plots of vegetables, toddlers crawling on the gras etc. I never thought I’d see her in such a state, and it’s devastating. I care for a friendly feral colony & while I’ve managed to find forever homes for the kittens, many, although extremely beautiful do not trust people other than me & the constant fear of the dangers sent me on an online search as most vets will tell you that only in *rare* instances will a fox attack/kill cats. Up until now in the veterinary world, it’s been difficult to find out the true incidence of problems like this. and am one of the most dreaded man in my country. A horrible discovery. He isn't crying or seems to be in pain. he has since had regulare visits to fitzpatricks referrals where they found bite marks on his body and back of the neck which have been identified as fox bites, he was also found to be covered in saliva. I don’t want to demonize them, as I respect all life, but, for anyone searching the answer to that question, the answer is YES, they do and will attack/kill your cat. I did for a bit but calmed down due to them ignoring my cats most of the time. keep ya pets safe people. The wound is a puncture on top of his head and it seems to go almost all the way down to his skull. Its not the first time ive heard animals screaming in the night here. If your son's cat has an abscess, or a parasite, there really aren't any home remedies for that. My little 2 year old hasn’t even managed to catch a bird yet. Keep your cats indoors at times when foxes are most likely to be around, such as dusk, night time and dawn. Nothing. Is this normal? I’m currently looking at building a bigger fence but how high will it have to be to stop Foxes jumping over..????? I didn’t click that it was going for my cats due to ‘professionals’ claiming how rare it is. Our cats are more indoor cats but they like to lay in the sun and go out for a few hours a day. The myth is probably much more that cats are NOT attacked by foxes than the opposite. It put up a tremendous fight but was overcome by the foxes circling and biting. Treatment of bite wounds will involve several steps. by a car) then foxes (as scavengers do) may well eat the body, but it is unlikely that the fox was the cause of death.In reality, cats are more at risk from other cats and road traffic accidents than from foxes. We have 6 foot fences with no gaps and concrete footings, surrounding the whole garden. We will definitely be keeping him in at night from now on though. But they are definitely outclassed by a fox, especially a larger one. My cat came home wounded, seemed and smelled like a dog bite, he's not bleeding and there is no pus, we had a doctor home (only thing we could think of at the moment was to ask her) we cleaned the wound with a small amount of peroxide and afterwards cleaned the wound with saline solution and plain water around the wound. I’m going to have a problem. *Wag! If you are not the patient, practice universal precautions and wear personal protective equipment if available.

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