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Ensure they are planted in their new position asap - and give them a mulch of compost and plenty of water. If at all possible, plant a beech hedge to the south or the west of where you can comfortably view it in the afternoon in the Winter. You come up with the most interesting things to plant. Beech Hedging Plants (Fagus sylvatica) Beech forms a beautiful, native, formal hedge with dark green leaves that turn bronze/gold in autumn. But however, where I am may be lost.”. Before deciding on whether it's okay to move the hedge, you need to know what tree you're dealing with. Cut the tops of the beech hedge with secateurs . The only thing I never really like about trees was raking the leaves up in the Fall. Beech Hedge Plants . Will they survive and when is the best time to do this? Record the plants in your garden, share your photos, and make like-minded friends. The user and all related content has been deleted. ... i have unveg plot. It is helpful to cut the shoots back when you move them this reduces the strain on the roots when they start work again. After leveling the top of the hedge, work down the side of each plant from top to ground level. Wait until the end of … Grows on You is a community for gardeners. It will shoot away in the Spring. Deciding when to move your hedge will take a lot of forward planning, many hedges will need time to prepare for the move. Keep in mind that pruning is a process where you are damaging the plant. Start trimming at the top and work down, aiming to taper the sides to leave the base a little wider than the top. If you need to reduce the height or sides by half or more, it's best to stagger pruning over two seasons rather than doing it all at once. Digging out a hedge begins in the fall as the shrubs go dormant. You can probably reduce the height of the hedge if you wish. 10 Aug, 2008 You do not make it entirely clear; is the hedge 10ft high or is the length of the hedge 10ft? Try to keep the roots intact and undamaged - fork all the way around first. Watered well and more chicken manure on the top. See more ideas about Hedges, Beech hedge, Garden hedges. « As you can see in the picture, I have 3 tomato plants which are growing nicely. We’ve cut one side of our beech hedge back very hard in order to renovate it (bit late, but it’s been SO COLD and we checked for birds nests), and are wondering how to give it the best chance of rejuvenation. In this video I plant a bare-root beech hedge in my garden. It will grow new shoots in the spring, but it won't develop a new leader shoot, so if they take the tops out much below the height they eventually want it to be, I think they may well be disappointed. Add another photo Having a beech hedge on a property adds incredible value and is a substantial asset. Lay the Mypex along the line of the intended hedge. If 10ft high, I would have cut it down to a reasonable height before moving it. Try to keep the soil around the roots. Watering your beech hedging This is all weather dependent, and if we have a dry summer then you could be in for a lot of work. Assuming that the hedge is, as you note, either hornbeam or beech, then you need to look at the root systems of both trees: The European Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) has a wide and shallow root system. The fabric is just over 100cms wide and you only need a 40+ cms width for a single row of plants (60-70cms for a double row). Log in or register to join the conversation. I too can't wait to see how they spread out to make a hedge. This will force the buds to break and new shots to grow. It shouldn’t be trimmed if the weather is really hot and dry. There are quite old plantings of beech and hornbeam, but beech plants can easily live past 200 years, while hornbeam typically doesn’t live past 150. Start with the top of the hedge, then do the sides. Jeb what time of year did you move your hedge? A small beech hedge of 4ft in height will provide a nice demarcation within a garden, but most beech hedges tend to be around 6-7ft in height to give eye level privacy and can be grown taller if required. I don't know if I should wait until Spring before I prune them? I didn't see many trees in the city but after moving to a small town, I became quite familiar with a rake. A beech hedge will typically grow from 1 foot to 18 inches in a year. Allowed to grow to its full potential, beech forms a large majestic tree for spacious gardens. In terms of maintenance Beech is possibly the easiest hedge to maintain. The rest of the time, beech hedging is the way to go. The hedge can grow up to up to 10m in height. Watered well and more chicken manure on the top. ... i have unveg plot. It is a fairly slow-growing tree. Dig the hedge up one plant at a time with as much of the root system as possible. You will need to dig a hole in your new site that is roughly twice the width of the root ball and deep enough to accommodate the hedge roots to the same level. You can get a good feel for the size of the root ball (roots and soil) with some light exploration around … Secateurs are more gentle on the foliage than hedge shears. The mid to late-summer cut of beech hedges is generally recommended to enable them to leaf up again before the autumn. Do not cut it to width just yet. If you plan to prune the roots before the move, you will need to do this the spring before the move in the autumn or winter. Move them in winter - nov - jan, but not when its really frosty. › Beech Hedging › Privet Hedge ... Fertilisers work best when applied to damp soil as the moisture helps to move the fertiliser down towards the root system, so a good time to feed your plants is after it has rained. Remove 2 to 3 inches off each stem. Dec 2, 2018 - Explore Living Walls's board "Beech Hedges" on Pinterest. As you can see in the picture, I have 3 tomato plants which are growing nicely. Add another photo. Tips for large-leaved hedges. Neglect, for understandable aesthetic and … My check list would be as follows: 1. Beech (Fagus sylvatica) plants make an excellent choice for hedging because they grow quickly and densely and remain beautiful for most of the year (except for mid-fall and winter).If you decide to plant a beech hedge, this article will show you how to choose a spot that beech grows well, plant the hedge correctly, and to care for it. I would be worried about wind-rock - you can get some powerful wind-eddies around walls - what about staking them? Although it is deciduous (loses it leaves in winter), many leaves of Beech actually stay on the plants during the winter. Mid to late summer is a good time to give it a trim. You can cut it to width and peg it down if you want, but the following is much easier. To minimise damage to individual leaves, hedging plants with large leaves, such as hornbeam, are best cut with secateurs rather than shears or a hedgetrimmer. High quality and extremely fresh, our beech hedging is the ideal fencing solution for your garden or outdoor space. Do ensure you can get behind the hedge to trim it. I underestimated the size that my pumpkin an courgette plants... », Add a photo Cut off the top and one side in one winter, leaving the other side for the next winter. A beech tree is a popular growing tree with both amateur and experienced gardeners. Foliage of beech hedges that was formed in the Spring will turn tan in the Fall, and will be retained through the Winter. Beech hedge plants are a favourite in UK gardens and are one of the UK’s most well-known hedging varieties. How old are the plants and how high do you want them to be eventually? Roses. Moving a shrub while actively growing in the summer causes damage to the roots; this can kill the bush. High quality and extremely fresh, our beech hedging is the ideal fencing solution for your garden or outdoor space. The hedge should be as hydrated as possible before moving. When to move your hedge. Although deciduous, it usually holds onto the dead leaves when grown as a hedge… Once the Beech Hedging is established you can trim it once a year. Beech branches are smooth and graceful, while hornbeam is crooked and knotty, with lots of twigs. lifted them with a mini digger without soil and planted them straight away in a trench with water and chicken manure pellets in the bottom. I moved an 8ft high beech hedge to the back of my garden from the front in November 2005 and lost 2 plants out of 24! If possible prepare mature specimens a year in advance as follows: During November to February when dormant dig a circular trench one spade spit, 30cm (1ft) wide, parallel with the branch spread Back fill the trench with sharp sand to encourage fibrous, feeding root growth which will help the plant … Hope Grove Nurseries grow both green beech hedging and purple beech hedges in a massive range of sizes. Beech hedging is usually pretty happy next to traffic. We have moved a 10 ft beech hedge today and although it is planted not far from our garden boundary wall, I am wondering whether to reduce the height to reduce wind rock, or will this be too much shock? Once the top of the hedge is complete, it’s easy to cut the sides. (And how the heck did you go about moving them? Remove prunings from the hedge as you go, so they don’t get in the way. in the nursery we use 18-6-12) or poultry manure pellets in late spring/early summer. Since first being recorded in 15th-century Germany, copper beech also has made itself known as an ensemble performer, and can be grown as hedging in a smaller space. Thanks for the intro to beech tree hedges. I have considered tying them temporarily to wall ties or posts, will giving them a gentle chop be too much? The more stems the beech hedge has, the more leaves it will have and the leaves will last longer into the winter. I moved an 8ft high beech hedge to the back of my garden from the front in November 2005 and lost 2 plants out of 24! However, when planting beech trees it is important to take as much care of the tree as possible to ensure that it survives the trauma of transplantation. lifted them with a mini digger without soil and planted them straight away in a trench with water and chicken manure pellets in the bottom. You may find a … A good replacement in those circumstances Carpinus would be a better choice. “I am not lost, for I know where I am. Try to keep the roots intact and undamaged - fork all the way around first. A beech hedge will thrive well and will help keep its leaves over the winter if pruned twice a year, once in early June and once in early August. Water the hedge thoroughly a few days before transplanting.

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