moma social media strategy, — Museum of Modern Art (@MuseumModernArt) September 15, 2016. For now, this section of the site remains in its original form, but an updated version remains a possibility for the future. Subscribe and receive a weekly digest of new articles by email. Explore the latest, and greatest ... News/Media/Publishing Mobile Strategy/Campaign. For many this means sharing a passion for art, history or science. Installation view, "Bouchra Khalili: The Mapping Journey Project," The Museum of Modern Art, New York, April 9 – October 10, 2016. Stakeholders also identify product features that can be achieved quickly. + "The best 4 Charts every social media manager should use" - Guide. We need to deliver an immersive experience that starts with the artistic object, performance, film or installation, but also encourage learning beyond looking—people want to understand the social, political and historical context as well as the aesthetic. Since many of the staff members at MoMA were new to Agile, the museum worked with an external team, Pivotal Labs, to get some initial training. The simple timelines included all the phases of a project, established a time frame for each of these phases, and defined which staff members would fulfill certain roles. This framework allows project teams to be more flexible and adaptable as they develop a product. Our complete exhibition history, feat. But Kim continues to seek out ways to push the envelope, to take chances and to increase both the breadth and diversity of the MoMA audience. That strategy and research is now resulting in a few pilot projects that I will talk about, and we’re eager to see the response. © 2016 Bouchra Khalili. Digital StrategyDuring her presentation, Chiara explained that the museum world isn’t ready to eliminate specialized digital departments, even though aspects of digital media have become embedded in every department. MoMA PS1 jobs. Website RedesignOne of the first Agile projects at MoMA was the redesign of Our redesign of started in the spring of 2015 with five insights from Google Analytics. Tiffany Fowell . 60% of their users are local when they access digital content, but this percentage could include international users who are visiting the area when they access content. Share it on Instagram with #MuseumRevolution. Check out our website and learn more about our mission. Learn how your comment data is processed. This means it’s no longer about having a great Facebook strategy within your team. The first step to creating a winning strategy is to establish your objectives and goals. With a strong social media strategy, you and your team will be able to navigate this process in a more effective—and less painful—way. Social media or technology is not an isolated department within the whole of the strategy of an institution, but a core function such as communication, education or finance. [Bouchra Khalili. First, knowing that 40% of visitors access website content from their phones, the team chose to implement responsive design principles with a focus on mobile devices. Increasingly more users are accessing museum content from mobile devices. It’s like being a good guest at a party—we want to contribute to a lively dialogue in a constantly changing landscape. #ideas #design #science #technology #inspiration #media #information Museum Revolution had a chance to catch up with her this week. To build on readings and in-class exercises, the class spent an afternoon with MoMA’s Assistant Director of Digital Media, Chiara Bernasconi, discussing project management, content strategy, and the ways digital media has been incorporated at the museum. Social media marketing may look simpler in speaking but, is a determinate process to get the desired output. The biggest challenge for all art museums is to demonstrate continued relevance in our image-saturated visual culture. Newseum Will Virtually Send Visitors to Berlin Wall During Cold War, Virtual Museums: The Alternative Museum Experience, Digital Platform Brings National Baseball Hall of Fame to Latino Baseball Fans Everywhere, Museums Advocacy Day 2017: Your Voice Matters, Access for All: How to Promote Inclusion at Museums. To be less afraid to use instinct as a guide. Analyzing and interpreting data from what engages them allows us to craft tailor-made strategies, and implement effective Sales Promotions that will increase your revenue! The Latest news for the marketing & media industries. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Communicating The Museum conference. Second, the team prioritized weeding out content on some of the busier pages to create a cleaner, simpler design. Tags: audience, Communicating the Museum, marketing, MoMA, social media. Under her leadership, MoMA has established one of the most robust and impressive social media approaches in the museum world. goals. photos, archival docs, & catalogues, is now online! Hopefully the MoMA will sponser more activities like this. IDENTITY DESIGN, BEAUTY PACKAGING, SEO STRATEGY, SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGNS, WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT, AND SALES. By Category: Social Media Marketing. We have been working hard over the past few years to clarify MoMA’s ambition as an organization, to more clearly define our audiences, how to meet their needs, and to communicate and measure the impact and value of our work, especially in this era of information and visual overload.

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