Jupiter V4 has Arrived?

It has been more than a year since Jupiter is released. Over 10000 users around the world use Jupiter to create beautiful websites. Now at its fourth generation, we are proud to say it just got even better in every possible way. We have looked to every corner of the theme and pushed our limits to put an step forward. With over 300 changes which consists of regular bug fixings, improvements and additions, we have added huge array of new features which will make site building much easier. All in all Jupiter V4 is your next level multi faceted site builder with supercharged backend and revamped frontend you have been long waiting.

Tell me about Migration.

We have done our best to make the migration the most smoothest transition ever.  But few things that you should take care of.

Visual Composer should be installed independently

Visual Composer updated to most recent version (4.3.4) and all of its built-in shortcodes are preserved for those who need them. Its compatible with all Addons that are for sale in CodeCanyon. Since Jupiter V4 you will need to install/Update Visual Composer through:

1. Go to Appearance > Install Plugin.
2. Install Visual Composer, then activate it.

Please note that the Visual Composer that is bundled with Jupiter has been slightly modified, therefore all updates will be maintained by artbees.

Homepage Page Title

We have initially had page title disabled in homepage and an option to enable it from theme options if you wanted to have it back. We have removed this option from theme settings and its not enabled by default. In order to disable it:

1. Edit the page you have assigned as homepage.
2. Go to Jupiter Page Options > Manage Page Elements
3. Choose “Remove Page Title” and save the page.

Typography Options

We have done some changes under the hood to make font selection much easier, brought support for available font weights and font styles in Google Fonts. However you will need to choose the font family again if you find its unselected. Therefore check your typography options before upgrade on what you had it selected before.

Header Options

We have revamped header section and added many options to give you full control. To start with, go to theme options > general > Header and choose your header style, align. We have also added many new options to theme settings. Therefore we highly advise you to take some time and review all the new options.

Blank Template has been removed

We have removed blank template from theme as we have a better substitute for you. In order to remove header, page title, footer from your page, you will need to follow bellow steps.

1. Edit the page you have assigned as homepage.
2. Go to Jupiter Page Options > Manage Page Elements
3. Choose “Remove Header, Page Title, Footer” and save the page.

Under Construction template

We have removed Coming Soon template as its design and usage is deprecated. you can still build custom pages using Even Countdown to replicate the same template. If you are looking for something awesome We suggest you to get a free or premium plugin.

Custom sidebar widget areas may be lost

We have added 2 more predefined widget areas for side dashboard, this may cause a shift in custom sidebar widgets index order. therefore If you have created custom sidebars, note (the widgets you have used in them) somewhere before upgrade.

Child theme changes

No more import files required in child theme style.css and you can check this out in below video as well as the dummy child theme comes with the main package.

 Widgets Folder directory is changed

If you are using child theme and have already overrided widgets, you will need to move the widgets folder from jupiter-child/framework/widgets to jupiter-child/widgets