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Crude pectinesterase (PE) inhibitor (PEI) extracted from jelly-fig achenes (JFA) (Ficus awakeosang Makino) was added to carambola (Averrhoa carambola L.) puree to determine the change in methanol production during fermentation. In simple terms, figs are technically not a fruit ― they are inverted flowers. long (5 cm), on its climbing stems. The extract of the Ficus inhibited methanol production by stopping the action of the pectinesterase (PE), this compound allows certain species of microbes to digest the pectin and produce methanol. With  Ficus pumila var. Ficus pumila, commonly known as the creeping fig or climbing fig, is a species of flowering plant in the mulberry family, native to East Asia (China, Japan, Vietnam) and naturalized in parts of the southeastern and south-central United States. Creeping Fig as a Houseplant Creeping fig vine is often sold as a houseplant. It definitely exists – and thrives – in RSA, Annatjie. Thx for the site it helps a lot. Creeping fig will grow in almost any light conditions from shade to sun. There are two species of the fig and while processed in a slightly different manner, the end goal is the same. Joey Williamson, ©2013 HGIC, Clemson Extension, An older planting of climbing fig (Ficus pumila) with smaller, juvenile foliage on the right; larger, mature foliage on the left. Nearly every site in English will tell you the fruit of the Climbing Fig, Ficus pumila, is not edible (aka Ficus repens, Creeping Fig.) awkeotsang plant. Join our mailing list to receive the latest updates from HGIC. Hi, We took pictures of the vine and its fruit (both inside and outside), fascinated by its appearance, but tossed away the fruit because we didn’t know it was edible. Joey Williamson, ©2013 HGIC, Clemson Extension, If climbing fig (Ficus pumila) is exposed to temperatures in the low to mid-20’s, the outermost foliage is damaged. Greetings. They haven’t been sick and I’m about to give.up the fight…any advice ? If they have fertile seeds, or from cuttings. Have not heard of that plant being a problem to dogs. Livermore, CA Nice guy. I have had three plants climbing on wooden fences now for 15 years. Fig trees don’t flower like apples and peaches. I can provide photographs if anyone requests them. I’m near Houston so my climate should be similar to yours. Potted plants rarely fruit. We have this growing naturally on our wall in Huntington Beach California among some palms and pine trees . Very much like to promote the indoor Plant Ficus Pumila Figs… the creaping plant, as i have a promoter of New Plants your details above are very much useful to me, i will promote this indoor plant all over Indian States, as Cement Concrete buildings will omit Heat most of the Flates, Office Buildings, Houses,others, send me more and more scientific details about Ficus Pumila Figs that will be benifited to all. I am so grateful to ID this plant. Fig fruit is an important food source for much of the fauna in some areas, and the tree owes its expansion to those that feed on its fruit. Hi Michelle, your email is not made public on this page. And just noticed the fruit for the first time today. Examples of powdered products containing IBA are Green Light Rooting Hormone, Schultz Take Root, Miracle Grow Fast Root Rooting Hormone, Ferti-lome Rooting Powder, Garden Tech Root Boost, and Garden Safe Take Root Rooting Hormone. Thank you! Hi Michelle! It’s climbing roots are not kind to wood. There are serveral figs in the area, and am trying to figure out how to identify them. When will they be ripe? We are also in Louisiana, in Jefferson Parish, and my neighbor’s gorgeous live oak is being strangled by this vine, which drops many spongy, pear-like fruits. A vining hybrid between creeping fig and conventional tree fig, however, has yielded a vine with comestible fruit. It is always kept neat and tidy as they prune it regularly. Creeping Fig Don showed how classy creeping figs can look when used in a formal garden design.. I’ve never seen the plant in RSA. Mature branches may flower and set fruit, which are pale green and about 3 inches long and 2 inches wide. If it is provided a vertical space, the Ficus Pumila will grow vertically for 6 or 12 meters, after which it will start spreading horizontally. ‘Minima’ has very small leaves and may make for a better indoor plant in a container or hanging basket. Only fruits on the sunny walls. The birds more luck than me , they get free and healthy meal. Addition of pectin or microbial pectic enzyme to puree increased dose-dependently the methanol content in fermented products. long (10 cm), on fruit-bearing stems. The plant can crawl on the ground and it can climb on most vertical spaces. Almost a cute story. Love the one growing on my house. I have ranted about that several times in many articles so there’s no need to vent that botanical spleen again except to say the Ficus pumila has been added to the got-it-wrong list. My brother has discovered one growing in the garden of his new property which would have been planted years ago, it is covered with fruit so very keen to get cuttings and taste the fruit. They are ripe when yellow but they are NOT eaten. Does the jelly taste like regular figs? Follow all directions, precautions and restrictions that are listed. Entire plant Started out no bigger than my pinky and now covers the entire house! I was able to see the aiyu jelly being made in the street markets. Creeping fig is an evergreen plant that varies in habit from a shrub, to a plant creeping along the ground or on walls, other trees etc ... All three types of flower are contained within the structure we usually think of as the fruit. Try pruning it rather then destroying it. Ficus (FEE-kus) is Dead Latin for fig. My school is in Singapore and they sell aiyu jelly in the cafeteria . Feel free to email me directly if you like. Grapevines in our range will ripen well in the UK climate and are perfect for desserts or making wine or juice.

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