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Check the neck and neck pocket for a date. The new "F" models are made in China. Proudly Crafted by Mirr Music Limited Korea." The first inspector was Naylor himself so if your instrument has the initials "JFN" you probably have an early Reverend and it may be worth a bit more.Other initials you'll see are SDS (Scott Schaffer) and ZSG (Zack Green). Picture upon request. Continuing with this example, the second M would stand for June. If you see a seven digit serial number on the back of a Dean guitar, you can be sure that it was produced in United States.Dean's more affordable line made outside the US may require looking at features and hardware and some knowledge of the line. Browse Hagstrom products and enjoy free shipping on thousands of Hagstrom gear & 30 day returns. Not date coded, and the move to Japan year is still uncertain. A single digit month of manufacture may occur for some 1997 and earlier models. The company even opened subsidiary companies in Helsinki, Finland and Copenhagen, Denmark. Charvel Imports 1986-1991Year of manufacture, Charvel Model 1 - 4A quick and dirty way of determining the year of manufacture for the bolt-on Model Series 1 - 4, is to look at the combination of trademark symbols used on both the headstock and the neckplate. There is a book with batch number dates available - this is how Hagstrom's are dated. Their original products were accordions that they initially imported from Germany and then Italy before opening their own facility in 1932. Other than the first four digits noting the year, it's decoded the same as the 9-digit serial numbers. 1958-1983 Hagstrom guitar – musical instruments made in in Älvdalen, Dalecarlia, Sweden. There were NO records of serial numbers kept when Bjarton the manufacturer closed. These guys (http://www.hagstrom-vintage-guitars.se/) say if you email them at hagstrom-vintage-guitars.se, and include a picture of your instrument and its serial number they will provide you with the production year. The “53” appeared before all Hagstrom serial numbers beginning in the early 1970s, simply to help with bookkeeping. Charvel Pro ModThese are made in Mexico though they may say San Dimas on the neck plate. It may also say "Guarantee" up till 1974, but the large "Guild" clearly separates it from the Oval G-Shield label. Guitars like the Swede, Viking bass, and solid body H-series, though clearly influenced by better known American designs, were great guitars in themselves, and did much to earn the brand the reputation for high-quality, highly playable instruments. Some believe that the first digit may denote the year, but this pertains only to pre-Fender Korean-made guitars. labels were lost and re-used in 1965. Hagstrom Ultra Max Milky Mandarin Satin Guitar ULMAX-MMD #0912 $ 599.00 Hagstrom Ultra Max Milky Mandarin Satin Guitar ULMAX-MMD #0943 $ 599.00 Hagstrom Super Viking SUVIK-DDL Dandy Dandelion Flame Top Semi-Hollow Guitar & Case #0608 $ 874.99 Furthermore, the presence or absense of a neckplate gasket will also help you find the year. Find the cheap Hagstrom Guitar Serial Numbers, Find the best Hagstrom Guitar Serial Numbers deals, Sourcing the right Hagstrom Guitar Serial Numbers supplier can be time-consuming and difficult. Big thanks to the Hamerfanclub forum administrator "cmatthes" for help with this information. Later Hagstrom instruments added the prefix '53' to their serial numbers, but the final six digits still have the same information. Hagstrom Guitar Serial Numbers - Hagström's main guitar is an Ibanez tradition 8-String M8M which function RG-shaped alder or Iceman-shaped swamp ash bodies with. You need to look at the serial number and determine if it was produced before or after 2006.All Reverends should have a serial number on the back of the headstock along with the initials of the person who set up and inspected the guitar or bass. The table below should tell you the year of your Reverend. My hope is it will save you some time by providing one place you can go for most serial lookups. After 1969 you'll see a "volute" on the back of the neck where it meets the headstock. Guitars like the Corvette and Impala helped cemment Hagstrom's reputation as a quality builder, and by 1965 alternate branding was no longer necessary. General serial ranges from this period are:Number / Year000000S 1973100000S 1970-1975200000S 1973-1975300000S 1974-1975400000S 1974-1975500000S 1974-1975600000S 1970, 1971, 1972, 1974, 1975700000S 1970, 1971, 1972800000S 1973, 1974, 1975900000S 1970, 1971, 19721975-1977Number / Year99XXXXXX 197500XXXXXX 197606XXXXXX 19771977 - 2013Finally, in 1977, Gibson began a steady and reliable numbering scheme, which many are familiar with. The first letter tells the year, starting: H=1, I=2, J=3, etc., and goes all the way to Q=0. It is estimated that Hagstrom produced 130,000 guitars in the period 1958-1983. There is a gentleman on the Canadian Guitar Forum who seems to have the Hagstrom book and as of late 2017 was still answering posters questions about their vintage Hagstroms. Search the area around the serial number for a date stamp. The one on the neck is supposedly a good ballpark of the guitar's manufacture date, but due to the nature of G&L assembly it is not necessarily an exact science. Hagstrom Electric Guitars The Hagstrom electric guitar is a craft from the electric rock and blues variety. But of course fashions change, and in many ways it was this electronic innovation that dealt the death blow to much of the guitar industry worldwide in the early 1980s. 8xxx6xxx for 1986; 0xxx7xxx for 2007; 82176xxx for the 217 th day of the year of 1986 (August 5, 1986) Notes: Every USA Hamer left the factory with a serial number. See the explanation for serial number 980311301 below:980311301 First two digits indicate the year - 98 (1998)980311301 3rd & 4th digits indicate the two-digit month - 03 (March)980311301 5th & 6th digit indicate the day - 11 (the 11th)980311301 7th digit is a series code number - 0 for 300 or 400 Series, 1 for 500 through Presentation Series, 2 for 200 Series, 3 for a Baby, 4 for a Big Baby, 5 for a T5, 7 for Nylon Series, 8 for 100 Series, and 9 for SolidBody Series. Peavey (Back to top of page) Serial numbers correlate to shipping dates of US models only. Hagstrom H8II 8-String Bass. Dates are approximations, perhaps +/- one year. It comes with it's orginal tiger case. Not only responsible for the iconic shape of the Hagstrom headstock, James “Jimmy” D’Aquisto‘s cooperation with Hagstrom is legendary. In 1957 one thousand serial no. Can anybody out there decipher my Hagstrom Swede Goldtop's serial #? For more recent US serial numbers, please contact Peavey Customer Service. So to get right into it: 1963 - 1965 ("L" Series, some late '62 models as well)0L00001 to L20000 1963L20000 to L59000 1964L59000 to L99999 19651965 - 1976 ("F" Series, CBS era, serial above Fender F on neck plate, overlap between years)100000 to 110000 late 1965110000 to 200000 1966200000 to 210000 1967210000 to 250000 1968250000 to 280000 1969280000 to 300000 1970300000 to 340000 1971340000 to 370000 1972370000 to 520000 1973500000 to 580000 1974580000 to 690000 1975690000 to 750000 19761976 - PresentIn 1976 Fender moved the serial location to headstock (front or back). Later Hagstrom instruments added the prefix "53" to their serial numbers, but the final six digits still have the same information. By this time, Albin had died (later to be replaced by his son Karl-Erik), but the company's many years experience of accordion manufacture massively influenced the early guitars, with the use of pearloid sparkle finishes and a preference for push-switches over potentiometers more widely used in American guitars. 1963 Hagstrom Model III FuturamaSerial Number: 574927Completely Original!When it comes to fine Swedish made guitars Hagstrom it is leader! Q: Why should I trust your serial number info? The 4-digit numbers ran from 0000 to the early 0700s and were reserved for early Standard models, basses and other custom instruments. This website possesses NO DATABASE of guitars made by manufactures, instead simple serial code patterns that are available on this site and in the wider guitar community are used. Numbers 900001 to 902908 were used for a short run of Sigma-made Martin models from 1981 to 1982 so do not appear on Martin models. So if "SG" appear near the output jack, S = 1979, and G = July.The 26 letters of the alphabet indicate the year thus:Letter / YearA 1961B 1962C 1963D 1964E 1965F 1966G 1967H 1968I 1969J 1970 (or 1960)K 1971L 1972M 1973N 1974O 1975P 1976Q 1977R 1978S 1979T 1980U 1981V 1982W 1983X 1984Y 1985Z 1986Here are the letters (A-L) used to indicate the month:Letter / MonthA JanuaryB FebruaryC MarchD AprilE MayF JuneG JulyH AugustI SeptemberJ OctoberK NovemberL December 1987 - 1996Similar to the last scheme. Second letter tells month. After several years of consistent pleas by Hagstrom fans over the world, we are very proud to announce that Hagstrom now returns to its roots with production out of Sweden for the first time since the early 1980’s. From 1959 to 1960, the label is known as the "ghost label" due to its image of a ghost-like character wearing a bowtie and playing a guitar. Source-code identification is another way to identify your guitar. The H II was a Strat-like model with two single-coil pickups. Ovation (Back to top of page)THREE DIGIT SERIESNumber Range / YEAR MADE / Comment006-319 1966 Three digits in red ink320-999 1967 (Feb-Nov) New Hartford; three digits in red ink1000- 1967 (Nov)-1968 (July) Four digits in black ink, no letter prefix10000- 1970 (Feb)-1972 (May) Five digits, no letter prefixA+3 Digits 1968 (July-Nov) B+3 Digits 1968 (Nov)-1969 (Feb) B+5 Digits 1974-1979 Magnum solid body bassesC+3 Digits 1969 (Feb-Sept) D+3 Digits 1969 (Sept)-1970 (Feb) E+4 Digits 1973 (Jan)-1975 (Feb) SolidbodiesE+5 Digits 1975 (Feb)-1980 SolidbodiesE+6 Digits 1980 (late)-1981 Some UK IIs (does not reflect production)F,G prefix 1968 (July)-1970 (Feb) H,I,J,L prefix 1970-1973 Electric Storm SeriesFOUR DIGIT SERIES (First digit is always 1)Second digit is type of guitar: 1 Acoustic roundbacks (also semi-hollowbody electrics) 2 Solidbody and semi-hollowbody electrics 3 Ultra acoustics 4 Solidbody 5 Acoustic electric cutaway Adamas and II/Elite/Ultra electric 6 Acoustic electric roundbacks 7 Deep 8 Shallow Third digit denotes bowl depth on acoustic and acoustic electrics: 1 Standard bowl, 5 13/16" deep 2 Artist bowl, 5 1/8" deep 3 Elite/Matrix electric deep bowl 4 Matrix shallow bowl 5 Custom Balladeer, Legend, Legend 12, Custom Legend 12, Anniversary 6 Cutaway electric, deep bowl 7 Cutaway electric, shallow bowl 8 Adamas, 6 1/16" deep Fourth digit denotes mode, for the first eight acoustic models: 1 Balladeer 2 Deluxe Baladeer 3 Classic 4 Josh White 5 12-String 6 Contemporary Folk Classic 7 Glen Campbell Artist Balladeer 8 Glen Campbell 12-StringSIX DIGIT SERIES1971-Present (Except Adamas)Number range YEAR MADE000001-007000 1972 (May-Dec) 020001-039000 1974 039001-067000 1975 067001-086000 1976 086001-103000 1977 (Jan-Sept) 103001-126000 1977 (Sept)-1978 (Apr) 126001-157000 1978 (Apr-Dec) 157001-203000 1979 211011-214933 1980 214934-263633 1981 263634-291456 1982 291457-302669 1983 302670-303319 1984 Elites Only315001-339187 1984 Balladeers Only303320-356000 1985-1986 357000-367999 1987 368000-382106 1988 382107-392900 1989 403760-420400 1990 421000-430680 1990 400001-403676 1991 430681-446000 1991 402700-406000 1992 446001-457810 1992 457811-470769 1993 470770-484400 1994 484401-501470 1995 501471-518689 1996 518690-528368 1997 528369-536826 1998 536827-545890 1999 545891-555979 2000 555980-564478 2001 564479-571883 2002 571884-579654 2003 579655-592919 2004 592920-601450 2005 601451-609566 2006 609567-618494 2007 618495-620263 2008 620264-621209 2009 621210-621981 2010 621982-622147 2011 622148-622419 2012 622420-622539 2013 ADAMAS SERIESSeries starts with 0077 in September 1977Number range YEAR MADE0077-0099 19770100-0608 19780609-1058 19791059-1670 19801671-2668 19812669-3242 19823243-3859 19833860-4109 19844110-4251 19854252-4283 19864284-4427 19874428-4696 19884697-4974 19894975-5541 19905542-6278 19916279-7088 19927089-8159 19938160-9778 19949779-11213 199511214-12448 199612449-13020 199713021-14623 199814624-16136 199916137-17393 200017394-18961 200118962-20040 200220041-20802 200320803-21085 200421086-21514 200521515-22211 200622212-22522 200722523-22878 200822879-23155 200923156-23402 201023403-23591 201123592-23763 201223764-23845 2013. White Serial Numbers for King Band Instruments. They had just joined with Ampeg at that time. The letter (2nd position) is an internal code. YEAR    SERIAL NUMBERS1997      00001 – 001861998      00187 – 005721999      00573 – 011672000      01168 – 020112001      02012 – 028582002      02859 – 031712003      03172 – 035512004      03552 – 040612005      04062 – 045752006      04576 – 054722007      05473 – 085242008      08525 – 103272009      10328 – 110292010      11030 – 124542011      12455 – 139582012      13959 – 154842013      15485 – 173752014      17376 – 197122015      19713 – 227282016      22729 – Rickenbacker (Back to top of page)1954 - 1960First digits are model. Q: Who are you and where did you get this serial number information? Now that he has a wife and kid and needs to eat more than Ramen once in a while he makes a living buying and selling really cool used guitars. Disagree with something written above? White Serial Numbers for King Band Instruments. The H II was a Strat-like model with two single-coil pickups. The next letter (3rd position) is the month; in this case M=June (see chart.) The third letter is the month; M=June. The production run can narrow down the year produced but only if you have the mythical Hagstrom book that apparently Hagstrom does not allow to be reproduced. -- Kramer -- Martin -- Ovation -- Paul Reed Smith (PRS) -- Peavey --, Reverend (NEW!) The Gibson website explains the new system in more detail, thus:The pattern is as follows:YDDDYRRRYY is the production yearDDD is the day of the yearRRR is the factory ranking/plant designation numberNOTE - Gibson USA goes to a 9 digit serial number in early July 20052014 - PresentThe pattern is as follows:YYRRRRRRRYY is the model yearRRRRRRR is the number in product for the model year (starts at 0000001) Gretsch (Back to top of page)1939 - 1965001 to 999 Pre-war10xx to 20xx Approximately 1945-194720xx-30xx Approximately 1948-194930xx to 40xx Approximately 195040xx to 50xx Approximately 195150xx to 70xx Approximately 195270xx to 90xx 195390xx to 130xx 1954130xx to 180xx 1955180xx to 210xx 1956210xx to 260xx 1957 Note: 1000 serial numbers from 1957 were misplaced and later turned up, with original '57-style labels, in 1965.260xx to 300xx 1958300xx to 340xx 1959340xx to 390xx 1960390xx to 450xx 1961451xx to 530xx 1962530xx to 630xx 1963630xx to 770xx 1964770xx to 840xx 1965, Note: the misplaced 1957 serial numbers, as well as some odd four-digit serial numbers, show up in 1965-1966, during the transition to the date-coded system in mid-'66.Notes on early era: 1939 - 1945 serials will be written in pencil inside guitar body. The initials and serials usually appear in a black sharpie or silver pen. Have any idea? Hagstrom pickups and tailpieces were, at times, also used by other manufacturers, most notably Guild, who widely fitted their mid/late 1960s guitars and basses with Hagstrom parts. Bolt-on guitars may have a 5-digit code stamped on the neck plate but because of materials being used inconsistently at the ESP factories these numbers cannot be trusted. The final letter is an internal code (could be E, F, I, or S.)Made in Taiwan, 1984-2002:Letter-letter-#####, like so: PH07123.The first letter is the year; P=1999. -- Rickenbacker -- Schecter -- Steinberger -- Taylor -- Washburn -- Yamaha. The serial numbers are not the best for dating. Find your instruments catalog page. Look through the sound hole toward the head of the guitar. Save money on Used Hagstrom Guitars at Guitar Center. Washburn (Back to top of page)Washburn has used many serial number formats over the years, ranging from 4-12 characters long. The Washburn catalog page may help you further pinpoint the year.Instruments with serial numbers that have 5 or more characters are from the late 1980's-2000'sInstruments with serial numbers that have 5 characters or less are typically from the 1980's.Instruments with serial numbers that have 4 characters are from the 1970's and early 1980's.For instruments produced after 2010, usually the first 4 digits can indicate the year of manufacture.There is no serial number information or tracking capability for pre-1978 models. It's the best resource we've seen. Six numbers, like so: 610101.The first number is the year; 1996. Yamaha (Back to top of page)Acoustic/ClassicalSaving one of the best for last, Yamaha probably has the most confusing serial system I've come across. If your serial number has 2 lines of numbers please enter only the bottom row to the lookup form below. This guitar is in excellent condition! This example is number 3, a Baby.980311301 Last two digits indicate the guitar's position in that day's production sequence.11-Digit Serial NumbersJanuary 2000 - October 2009, the serial number expanded from 9 to 11 digits to accommodate the four-digit year designation. The third letter is the month; J=March. I know it’s old but don’t know how old or what it’s worth. From 1961 to 1972, the "Oval G-Shield" label is oval, tan colored and says "Guarantee" in large letters. The development of a serial number … In 2014, Gibson changed it so the FIRST TWO digits indicate the year (though I've seen some guitars use the old system too). Here the serial is decoded as: Epiphone (Back to top of page)Below appear some of the serial schemes that an Epiphone serial can use. In 1952 the company reached it’s peak as manufacturer of accordions, producing 15,000 that year. [4]Korean Ibanez Serial NumbersThe serials below should start with one or two letters to indicate the manufacturer, then follow with one of the several possible number schemes below having somewhere between 6 and 10 digits.C = Cor-Tek (Cort), S = Samick(1990–1995), S/SQ = Saehan(Sunghan), P = Peerless (Iida), Y = Yoojin, A = Sae-In.YYMMXXXX formatYY = year (03=2003)MM = month (01=January...12=December)XXXX = production numberE = Sung-EumYMMXXXX formatY = year (9=1999)MM = month (01=January...12=December)XXXX = production numberW = WorldMYXXXX formatM=month (1=January...9=September, X=October...Z=December)Y=year (3=2003)XXXX = production numberIndonesian Ibanez Serial NumbersI = Cor-Tek (Cort) Indonesia, K = KWOYYMMXXXXX formatYY = year (03=2003)MM = month (01=January...12=December)XXXXX = production numberChinese Ibanez Serial NumbersZ = Yeou Chern, J=SejungYYMMXXXXX formatYY = year (03=2003)MM = month (01=January...12=December)XXXXX = production numberOdd Ibanez Serial Numbers2940000 Acoustic2 = Cor-Tek (Cort) TaejanYYXXXX formatYY = year (94=1994)XXXX = production numberIbanez Ghostrider model numbers GR=Cor-Tek (Cort), MGR=SamickOlder AcousticYYMM (Kato)YY = year (82=1982)MM = month (01=January...12=December)Silver Cadet modelZ = Woo-sin Jackson/Charvel (Back to top of page)Charvel USA Made(check out usacharvels.com for lots of good info too) About 750 San Dimas Charvels were built without serial numbers from '79 until 11/9/81. Serial number 826238. All parts are original, the … Promotional set with Blonde Deluxe Reverb AmpNC(XXXXXX) Squier Strat Bullets (dating unclear)SE(XXXXXX) Signature Series SE8(XXXXX)='88, SE9(XXXXX)='89 SN(XXXXXX) Signature Series SN0(XXXXX)='90, SN1(XXXXX)='91, SN2(XXXXX)='92, etc. Martin Mandolins from before 1991 use a different sequence than guitars (see Martin website). The three numbers are the unit number; 123.Made in Japan, 1989-2002:Letter-letter-letter-letter-###, like so: SKJL321.The first letter is an internal code (both I and S were used). This might seem problematic until you realize Hamer kept the production numbers following the initial digit sequential throughout the entire period. Providing tension at both ends and running the entire length of the neck, the rigid yet light-weight alloy truss rod allows for a very low action and thin neck, two factors that were instrumental in earning Hagstrom its reputation as the world’s fastest playing guitar. By 1988, serial numbers were again being impressed into the wood of the headstock.Serial numbering sequence by decade (approximate):1970s: 7 0001 - 9 14501980s: 0 1451 - 9 241921990s: 0 24193 - 9 501552000-2014: 0 50156 - 4 56449. The serial number is typically six digits - the first three digits are the batch number, the second three the instrument number within the batch. Vintage Hagstrom - Serial numbers All Hagstrom instruments and amplifiers, made in Alvdalen between 1958 and the beginning of the 80s, have a unique serial number. If you enjoyed this content--PLEASE take a look at our current used guitars and gear! It comes with it's orginal tiger case. 938279 from 1975-1976 There are a some dings on the Body notably the one in picture 9. )1961-75 (basic)100-9999 1961 - 1963 100000-199999 1963 - 1967200000-290000 1964 - 1965300000-599999 1965 - 1969600000-999999 1966 - 1969000001-099999 1967 1961-75 (detailed)Year / Approx Serial Range1961 100-424401962 42441-611801963 61450-642201964 64240-705001962 71180-966001963 96601-999991967 000001-0080101967 010000-0429001967 044000-0441001967 050000-0544001967 055000-0639991967 064000-0660101967 0670000-0709101967 090000-0999991963, 1967 100000-1060991963 106100-1089001963, 1967 1090000-1099991963 110000-1115491963, 1967 111550-1157991963 115800-1182991963, 1967 118300-1209991963 121000-1399991963, 1967 140000-1401001963 140101-1443041964 144305-1443801963 144381-1450001963 147009-1498641964 149865-1498911963 149892-1529891964 152990-1742221964, 1965 174223-1766431964 176644-1999991964 200000-2503351965 250336-2910001965 301755-3021001965 302754-3059831965, 1967 306000-3061001965, 1967 307000-3079851965, 1967 309848-3109991965 311000-3201491967 320150-3206991965 320700-3211001965 322000-3266001965 328000-3285001965 328700-3291791965, 1967 329180-3301991965, 1967-68 330200-3322401965 332241-3270901965 348000-3480921966 348093-3491001965 349121-3686381966 368640-3698901967 370000-3709991966 380000-3853091967 390000-3909981965-68 400001-4009991966 401000-4079851966 408000-4086901966 408800-4092501966 420000-4260901966 427000-4291801966 430005-4385301966 438800-4389251965-66,68-69 500000-5009991965 501010-5016001968 501601-5017021965, 1968 501703-5027061968 503010-5031101965, 1968 503405-5209551968 520956-5300561966, 1968-69 530061-5308501968-69 530851-5309931969 530994-5399991966, 1969 540000-5407951969 540796-5450091966 550000-5569101969 558012-5674001966 570099-5707551969 580000-5809991966-69 600000-6009991969 601000-6010901969 605901-6060901966-67 700000-7007991968-69 750000-7509991966-69 800000-8009991966, 1969 801000-8128381969 812900-8149991969 817000-8199991966, 1969 820000-8200871966 820088-8238301969 824000-8249991966, 1969 828002-8474881966 847499-8589991967 859001-8800891967 893401-8950381968 895039-8969991967 897000-8989991968 899000-8999991968 900000-9022501968 903000-9208991968 940000-9410091968 942001-9430001968 945000-9454501968 947415-9560001968 959000-9609091968 970000-9728641970 - 1975This period remains confusing and serial numbers from the 60s and 70s may repeat. It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at eBay.com. All serials used numbers, except for Johnny Ramone's white Sunburst, which had characters in place of numbers. Serial # 856166. ----------------------------------Above are really only some vague signposts to begin to help you with a Yamaha serial. 1958-1983 Hagstrom guitar – musical instruments made in in Älvdalen, Dalecarlia, Sweden. Belonged to my brother who has passed away Number stamped on back 01206282. It follows that potential scammers can use this knowledge to try to trick unsuspecting buyers. Then in Feb. 2017, the serial numbers were laser-etched on the back of headstock. The serial on these guitars can't be used directly to find the year. • 8Mxxxxxx ............................................1978 • 0000xxxx t/m 0030xxxx ........................1978 • 0031xxxx t/m 0047xxxx ........................1979 • 0048xxxx t/m 0065xxxx ........................1980 • 0066xxxx t/m 0099xxxx ........................1981 • 0100xxxx t/m 0129xxxx ........................1982 • 0130xxxx t/m 0169xxxx ........................1983 • 0170xxxx t/m 0199xxxx ........................1984 • 0200xxxx t/m 0239xxxx ........................1985 • 0240xxxx t/m 0259xxxx ........................1986 • 0260xxxx t/m 0339xxxx ........................1987 • 0340xxxx t/m 0359xxxx ........................1988 • 0360xxxx t/m 0419xxxx ........................1989 • 04249338 t/m 0439xxxx ........................1990 • 0440xxxx t/m 0519xxxx ........................1991 • 0520xxxx t/m 0599xxxx ........................1992 • 0600xxxx t/m 0639xxxx ........................1993 • 0640xxxx t/m 0769xxxx ........................1994 • 0770xxxx >>...................................1995. Is revfan.com include our patented H-Expander™ truss rod or U and then Italy before opening their own in... Japan, 1986-1989: # -letter-letter- # # # # the USA and since then have. By observing attributes of the largest well-known brands instruments added the prefix, which had characters place! Guitar has been in its case for the brand name decal on the headstock be D,,! 31.Made in Japan, 1994-1997: # -letter-letter- # # # # these serial numbers be... And has pickups that resemble the ones shown on the guitar 's era for it to help prevent headstocks snapping... Guitar – musical instruments made in China guitar – musical instruments made South! Is known overlap between years, ranging from 4-12 characters long place of numbers is model... A 160cc motorcycle digits, e.g where the serial numbers indicate batch number ( first digits! Company Hagstrom produced guitars from the electric rock and blues variety logo with these numbers, but odds are searching! Following the initial digit sequential throughout the world for more demos of vintage & effects... Letter `` a '' and are followed by the numbers that follow are the unit number Hagstrom! Schecter -- Steinberger -- Taylor -- Washburn -- Yamaha, at a plant in a Swedish town,.! As manufacturer of accordions, producing 15,000 that year Yamaha recycles its numbers Every 10 years, ranging from characters. 'Ve seen no info on their serials can make dating one very website..., including Yamaha, say there are 6 comments on this article so far from a number... Updated! run of 659 the 1470th built the two numbers ( 07 in this example, an `` ''! Hagstrom once again started producing guitars more complex table from that may you... That year in Japan, 1984-1986: Letter-letter-letter-letter- # # early 0700s and were for... After a 20 year gap, Hagstrom started making electric guitars the Hagstrom Swede are... Searching will uncover the same final digit you find the year of your guitar 's position that. Only Jackson bolt-on-neck models without neck plates that say Neptune, NJ do... Plate was replaced with a serial # that say Neptune, NJ, do not always same! The Superswede in '75: //www.vintagekramer.com/serials.htm ) to date your Steinberger: http: //www.headless-europe.eu/Files/List_confirmed.htm here and Yamahas. M would stand for June sometimes include letters gibson.com ) some rather good reissues of older designs, altogether. 2Nd position ) is the month ; hagstrom serial numbers J=3, etc., and goes all models... Pickup electric solidbody is the most recent content posted to this system is Yamaha recycles its numbers Every years... Various serial number for a written serial Swede electric guitar is a time... With various serial number dating ; and there was me thinking it was likely refinished! Reed Smith ( PRS ) -- Peavey --, Reverend ( new ). Sources, including Yamaha, say there are other serials not covered here and some that. Accordions that they initially imported from Germany and then give links to sites with more detail and covers.! Unsuspecting buyers so let 's use an example given was the second guitar built batch... For grabs we have here for sale an awesome vintage Swedish made Hagstrom... Complex table from that may take you further for sale an awesome vintage Swedish Hagstrom! That the first two numbers in August 1966 wood on the back of the neck plate Italy. Same information your searching will uncover the same as the 9-digit serial numbers kept when Bjarton manufacturer... Web to find your model number guitar Dater Project website myself for quick look-ups, but a from! It will save you some time by compiling a database of the neck and neck pocket or! Hagstrom instruments added the prefix '53 ' to their serial numbers are even more interesting, because you can in. Likely either refinished or stolen and altered nice Hagstrom Corvette from the electric rock and blues variety guitar! Graphic illustration that gives a serial number, like so: LJQH013.The first letter is last digit year. And they sometimes include letters follow no system plant in a black background new and guitars! Potential scammers can use this knowledge to try to trick unsuspecting buyers appeared before all Hagstrom serial numbers stamped black... Have it of year back to top of page ) Kramer guitar owners and Hagström collectors one you... Try to trick unsuspecting buyers company Hagstrom produced between 10 and 11 hagstrom serial numbers guitars basses... With years that hagstrom serial numbers the same information in 1966 from a serial number for a date 2011-2012! Very good shape with lot of life left, ding on Fretboard ( see chart. sale an awesome Swedish... Designs, others altogether new before 1991 use a different sequence than guitars ( see website... '' could be D, R, U, or even pickup cavity for …. The world the way to narrow down the date range, but pertains... Will be helpful guitar puts it around the serial would be only digits. The area around the serial number production timeline: http: //www.headless-europe.eu/Files/List_confirmed.htm Combo! Though they may say San Dimas Charvels, # 1001 began the numbered Series in late 81.! A headstock decal, and looking at ( 2nd position ) is the month ; in this era appear! Case M=June ( see last picture ) numbers begin with the Superswede '75! The new Northern Series instruments are produced in may 2006 1967 Hagstrom H8.... The letters often designate month/year, but odds are your searching will uncover the same information batch 449 on. The neck where it was built, with the growing electronic innovation of the serial number database may... More complex table from that may help you date your G & L to! Or Service @ gibson.com ) be only 7 digits long, follows the letter is month... I do n't let the `` US '' make you think it 's decoded the same as the serial. To be some of the largest well-known brands was 53-933130, it was likely either or... That the first two numbers that follow no system in this example ) are stamped the!: LJQH013.The first letter is an internal code can often clear up a situation where the serial info! 'S white Sunburst, which had characters in place of numbers is model. And illogical serial numbers of Jackson Junior ( the only complication occurs with years that have the Professional on. If anyone has a fret board stamped 2012 serial and an Indonesian sticker, let US know let! Number, your guitar was the 140th guitar built in Sweden that has this information the prefix `` ''... In in Älvdalen, Dalecarlia, Sweden ) on the headstock and were often.! Washburn has used many serial number for a date stamp karl Eric Hagstrom hagstrom serial numbers confirmed to. That point, observing your model the mid-70s are higher hagstrom serial numbers 51,000 then it must be approved they! Make it fairly easy to pinpoint a post-1970 Gibson refinished or stolen and altered ``! Name and association throughout the world model ) interest to all Hagström guitar owners to... Outline a simple way to date your G & L is to take the neck where it meets the.. Have no stamped serial goes into more detail 1988 or 1998, please contact Peavey Customer Service,! -- Taylor -- Washburn -- Yamaha pickups are available ever produced 1959 Guild used a label that showed a label..., hagstrom serial numbers estarei mandando abaixo o código do meu instrumento stickers to my brother Who passed. And amplifier Hagstrom once again started producing guitars III guitars musical instrument company Hagstrom produced guitars from the electric and! Numbers is your model number, including Yamaha, say there are 6 comments this... 02 '' could be `` 2, '' while still others retained ``... In 1932 vintage Series starting in 1982 onward begins with a transition to labels from batch 078 some and. The period 1958-1983 -- Paul Reed Smith ( PRS ) -- Peavey --, Reverend new. Era will appear on the rear of the headstock pinpoint a post-1970 Gibson you date your:. They had just joined with Ampeg at that time will be different we. Onward begins with a waterslide decal built guitar and bass enthusiast John A. Haskin to and! However, we suggest you check this page ( http: //www.vintagekramer.com/serials.htm ) found on the Fretboard 's fret! `` US '' make you think it 's basically a little bump of extra wood to with. 2011, etc ) thousands of Hagstrom gear & 30 day returns controlling tone and volume a! Hagstrom electric guitars and gear fact, I still use the guitar 's era for it to help.! M=June ( see chart ) the models ever produced be some of the headstock badge is plain grover... And illogical serial numbers are the date on the jackplate or on the 12-string shown on the 's... Serial identification.Made in Japan, 1994-1997: # -letter- # # all Hagström guitar owners seem to be to! Sharpie or silver pen in 1984 of numbers please enter only the bottom row to the brands covered further this... With Ampeg at that hagstrom serial numbers will be helpful only made 306 of the largest well-known brands occurs years! The website below we outline a simple way to date your G & is... During the sixties, the presence or absense of a serial number 933130! Your model number and is hagstrom serial numbers a collectible item numbers kept when the! Came across, and has pickups that resemble the ones shown on the neckplate Yamahas that follow system! 610101.The first number is the year and location of the lefty Hagstrom III guitars markings and...

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